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Our team is experienced, versatile and aims to reach high standards of work for clients. We have recently helped some of the world’s largest companies make decisions, as well as earlier-stage innovators. We are a people business, whether this means our clients’ teams, our team of associates and administrators, event sponsors, speakers, delegates or our wider network. It is with pleasure that we offer our services whether helping people to make decisions, advising, creating new approaches and viewpoints or connecting.


CIR has built up a network of investment, innovation, technology, development, industry, services, and products companies. This is realised as courses, business strategy & technology management workshops, conferences, dinners and executive technology and investment briefings. Over 4,350 executives have taken part in 55 full conference days with CIR from 2002 to 2019 (they may be back soon with sponsors): quite a record and we are proud to make any positive contribution for the people we work with on events, whether in energy or materials or manufacturing or semiconductors or AI services. Our conferences never grew so large that not every person taking part was given personal greeting and a sociable, warm welcome.